What is Brolly Drop?

Brolly Drop is the UK’s first lockable commercial umbrella stand, stylishly designed to enhance the reception area of any office, shop, museum or hospitality venue.

Umbrellas are locked into the patented stand, with each bay having an individual key.

Clients and customers can shop, work or eat, without having to carry an umbrella, knowing it’s safe in your Brolly Drop stand.

Not only is Brolly Drop convenient, but it also keeps floors dry and safe from slips and accidents.

Benefits for your business

Brolly Drop provides a secure and stylish solution for storing umbrellas, while keeping your floors dry and safe. 

Customers and employees can shop, work or eat, knowing their umbrella is safely locked in a Brolly Drop stand.

The Customer App

The online function can be accessed by scanning the Brolly Drop QR code or through the website. 

Place your umbrella location on the map and never lose an umbrella again.